THANKS, 2016.



Happy end of 2016. We had a hell of a year with this here record above. The response was truly insane – thanks to all the places and friends who put us on their “best of” lists (see below for a sample). But most importantly, a huge thanks to everyone who emailed me, tweeted me or told me in person how important this record was to them. We’ve never had so many peers reach out to us like that with compliments. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going, since we’re not a fresh new band anymore, so when we say it means a lot, it truly does. So, thank you. We had a blast on the road at SXSW, in Canada and on our east coast USA tour with Sonic Aves. Things will slow down a little for a while with a baby on the way, but we ain’t ever quittin’. Possibly hitting Japan and Spain again next year, so we’ll keep you all posted.
Here’s a selection of joints who put us on their best of lists.
Punk News:
Austin Town Hall:
Dying Scene:
Circuit Sweet UK:
Radioactive International:
Faster & Louder:
Audio Ammunition:
Night Birds/Fat Wreck (hon mention):
Blog Monster:
Head & Banger, Signal to Noise NJ, Fridays of our Lives etc…
Ottawa Show Box:
Ottawa Start:

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